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  ICBC launches first bond on London Stock Exchange as part of $10 billion MTN programme (2015-12-17)

  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Authorised to Establish a Branch in London (2014-09-09)

  ICBC Tops the Global Banking League in Terms of Tier 1 Capital (2013-07-23)

  ICBC Honored "2013 Best Bank in China" by Finance Asia (2013-07-23)

  ICBC Posts Strong Growth in Cash Management Business (2013-07-23)

  ICBC Receives Numerous Accolades for Its Excellence in Wealth Management (2013-07-23)

  Over RMB 60 Billion Cleared through Yuan Clearing Bank in Singapore in the First… (2013-07-17)

  ICBC Honored "China Low-Carbon Model" (2013-07-17)

  ICBC Supports Luxembourg to Set up RMB Offshore Center (2013-06-28)

  ICBC Wins Award for "Best Return to Shareholders" (2013-06-21)

  ICBC Supports Chinese Companies to Acquire European Companies (2013-06-21)

  ICBC Makes a Good Start in Direct Trading between RMB and Australian Dollar (2013-05-13)

  ICBC Donates RMB 15 Million to Earthquake Victims in Ya'an (2013-04-22)

  ICBC Lends Full Support to "Made in China" (2013-04-19)

  Chinese Company Heads Forbes Global 2000 for the First Time (2013-04-19)

  ICBC Nurtures Financial Talents from Within (2013-04-19)

  ICBC Named 2012 Domestic Top Rated Provider (China) by Global Custodian (2013-04-19)

  ICBC Concludes Agreement to Acquire (2013-04-11)

  ICBC Named "Best Bank in China" by Global Finance Again (2013-04-07)

  ICBC’s Inauguration of RMB Clearing Bank Services in Singapore (2013-04-07)

  ICBC Escorts Chinese Companies to "Venture Overseas" (2013-04-01)

  ICBC Becomes the First Bank in China with over 100 Million Mobile Banking Users (2013-03-28)

  ICBC Leasing Arranges China’s First Ever Financial Lease for an Airbus A380 Aircraft (2013-03-28)

  Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Announces 2012 Results (2013-03-28)

  ICBC Launches First Service in China for Personal Customers to Buy Crude Oil via Account (2013-03-21)

  ICBC Leasing is a "2012 Top 100 - Top 10 Innovative Enterprises in Shipping Support" (2013-03-19)

  ICBC Cardholders Spend More than RMB 100 Billion During Spring Festival Holiday (2013-03-12)

  ICBC Escalates Services for Customers around the World (2013-02-21)

  ICBC Approved as RMB Clearing Bank in Singapore (2013-02-17)

  ICBC Makes Another Milestone in Investment Banking Business (2013-02-06)

  ICBC Disburses Nearly RMB 750 billion in Three Years to Support Green Economy (2013-02-05)

  ICBC Achieves Healthy and Sustainable Growth in 2012 (2013-02-01)

  ICBC Offers International Trade Facility to Help Foreign Trade Companies Grow (2013-02-01)

  ICBC Named "2012 Outstanding Brand Influencing China" (2013-02-01)

  ICBC Launches Service for 1-day Cross-Strait Remittances to Facilitate Economic... (2013-02-01)

  ICBC Achieves Excellent Progress in Corporate Governance (2013-01-29)

  ICBC Sets up Branch in Brazil (2013-01-29)

  ICBC Registers over RMB 1.5 Trillion in Cross-Border Renminbi Business Volume La... (2013-01-28)

  ICBC International Posts Steady Progress in Investment Banking Business (2013-01-28)

  ICBC Honored "Best Performing Energy-Saving Unit in Eleventh Five-Year Period" (2013-01-23)

  ICBC Wins "Best Bank of the Year for Precious Metal Trading Platform" (2013-01-22)

  ICBC Global Cash Management Service Gains Momentum (2013-01-18)

  ICBC Online Banking Services Bring Convenience to All (2013-01-16)

  Over RMB 4 Trillion Spent by ICBC Bank Cards Last Year (2013-01-16)

  ICBC Named 2012 Golden Custodian Bank by Financial Money (2013-01-11)

  ICBC Heads the Ranking of "Top 100 China Listed Companies by Environmental Responsibility" (2013-01-11)

  ICBC Gathers Pace in Innovation of Technology-based Financial Services (2013-01-11)

  ICBC Bags Three Securities Times Awards including 2012 "Best Internet Bank" (2013-01-08)

  ICBC Wins 2012 Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Award (2013-01-08)

  ICBC Named "China Bond House of the Year" by International Financing Review Asia (2013-01-08)

  ICBC Wins "Excellent Practice Award for 2012 Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking in China" (2013-01-08)

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