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ICBC Wins "Golden Bee 2011 Excellent CSR Reports - Leading Enterprise Award"


ICBC won the "Golden Bee 2011 Excellent CSR Reports - Leading Enterprise Award" at the "Fourth International Conference on CSR Report in China & Award Ceremony" , held in Beijing on December 2 jointly organized by the China Business Council for Sustainable Development, China WTO Tribune, and International Research Center for Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development of Peking University.

CSR reports of the nominated companies were grouped under a scheme of 16 indexes laid down by the China WTO Tribune, first such assessment system in China, including reporting structure parameters, technical parameters and main parameters. The reports were rated in six dimensions - structure, credibility, readability, performance comparison, report creativity and substance of the content, and were scored in five aspects: basic information, economic responsibility, environmental responsibility, social responsibility and report principle.

ICBC has published CSR reports for four successive years since 2007. ICBC CSR reports started from three lines of economic performance, environmental performance, social performance and presented in six themes of value banking, green banking, loving banking, harmonious banking, trust banking and brand banking. The reports addressed the needs of different customer groups and fully reflected the features of the banking industry. In terms of transparency, quantitative indexes and qualitative analysis were combined for cross comparison horizontally and vertically. ICBC CSR reports showed clear articulation of the meaning of sustainable development of ICBC in harmony with the social environment. Winning the award was the confirmation from the public on the high quality of the CSR reports compiled by ICBC.


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